Lee Reedy opened the doors to his graphic design firm in 1968. Back then, there were no computers to lean on. Designers had to be artists and that’s what he was. For more than three decades, Lee incorporated his illustrations and art techniques into the marketing communications he created as principal and creative director for his own firm. For many years, he was recognized as one of the most influential creative minds in Colorado — winning hundreds of awards and constantly raising the bar for his industry.
As he approached the end of his design career, it felt quite natural for him to pick up a paintbrush and begin a new fine art career right where he left off. Employing acrylics, oil and mixed media. His technique is bold, accurate, clear and colorful with considerable detail, especially in his American Indian paintings. Lee paints out of his studio in Centennial, Colorado.

In his own words, he talks about the subject matter he’s inspired to paint. “I love to paint stories of the past. The proud, wrinkled face of an American Indian and the beautiful, intricate handmade clothing he wears. A rusty truck long abandoned in a sun-dappled wheat field. A perfectly crafted piece of historic San Francisco architecture. Each painting capturing a country — our country — steeped in tradition. Each painting contrasting against the slick design of modern life. Each painting reminding us of a story we once heard sitting on the lap of our grandfather sipping a glass of lemonade.” His versatility in style and subject matter stems from his career as a designer.

Select Exhibitions/Galleries:
Harte International Galleries – Lahaina, Hawaii & Key West, Florida 
ArtExpo 2016, NYC
Blue River Fine Art Gallery – Breckenridge, Colorado
"Artists of Colorado" – Curtis Arts and Humanities Center
"Rockies and Rollers" – One Man Show, Mt. Vernon Country Club
"Americana in the West" – One Man Show, The Ranch Country Club 
“American with a Twist” — Redshift Gallery
“Halloween Show” — Zip Gallery
“The Art of Sitting” — One Home/Cherry Creek
Castle Rock Artfest
Native American Trading Company Gallery
“Own an Original Show 2008,09,10” — Littleton Museum Fine Arts Gallery
Western Americana” — One Man Show, Main St. Gallery
“Grand Opening Show, Landscape Show, Abstract Show, Retro Show” — D Gallery
“Annual Exhibition” — Colorado Artists Guild
“Artists of Greenwood Village” — Curtis Arts/Humanities Gallery Show“Vintage Tin Paintings” — Ongoing Show at Merle’s Restaurant

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting — Miami University, Oxford, OhioDayton Art Institute — Dayton, Ohio
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